While hanging out with my girl trying to get her to take a nap.

Me: Nik. How old are you now?

Niki: Six. Alicia’s six too.

Me: Really? On her next birthday how old will she be?

Niki: Seven.

Me: Yeah! Chop is three. How old will he be on his next birthday?

Niki: Four!

Me: What about sissy? How old is she?

Niki: Two.

Me: No. She’s one. How old will she be?

Niki: Two.

Me: Daddy is 29. How old will he be?

Niki: Um. Forty.

Me: HAHAH! No sweetie. He’ll be thirty. Mommy is 28, how old will I be on my next birthday.

Niki: Fourteen.

Me: Oh wow. Um. No. I’ll be 29.

She’s so smart.

We’ve reached year six

Letter to Nikisha (Six years):

niki is 6!

You were born six years ago on sunday and I’m freaking out. How did we get this far so soon? I look at you and then your little sister and I keep thinking that it really wasn’t that long ago when you were that little.

Despite our differences and constant arguing, I’m glad you’re my daughter. We’re getting closer and better at this. We are. You make me proud to be your mom. I’m always learning new things because of you. You are the first driving force to come into my life and make me strive for great things. For all of us.

"I'm going to go read this!"

You’ll be in the first grade soon and I’m excited. You’ve already learned so much in Kindergarten and I know you’ll learn even more. It still shocks me when you try to read and you don’t need too much help. I just hope that you don’t spend all year pretending to be a kitty when you should be participating in your class activities.

Did you know that your sissy loves you and looks up to you? She tries to copy the things you do because she thinks you’re so awesome. The two of you still fight over things, but you help mommy take care of her. You do it so well, too. I think she’s lucky to have you as her big sister. She’ll have someone awesome teach her the ways of the world.

Happy birthday, my little girl.

Love, mama